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Ergotron® workplace solutions from Insight promote comfort, health and increased productivity.

Happy teams are productive teams.

Enhance your workspace and place an emphasis on health, productivity and affordability with Ergotron desks, mounts and carts.

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Work smart.

Outfit your workspace by focusing on comfort and productivity.

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Work happy.

Take control of your health with world-class ergonomic and wellness products.

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Work well.

Insight and Ergotron work hand in hand to provide you the best in new technology.

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Vaccination workflows

Support comfortable, safe and efficient COVID-19 and other vaccination workflows with this height-adjustable, mobile cart that travels beyond clinic walls for mass vaccinations and health services.

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Movement mindset

Our bodies are not meant to be sedentary. Learn how infusing movement into your workday can lead to positive changes in your wellness and productivity.

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Live healthcare virtual demo

Train your staff or show customers how Ergotron's professional-grade medical carts, wall workstations and more, add comfort and efficiency to key healthcare workflows.

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