Construction worker using Samsung tablets

Versatile Wi-Fi and 4G LTE tablets

Whether you’re taking notes or presenting, Samsung offers a wide range of tablets designed to bridge work efficiency and mobility. You’ll find the ideal hardware and design features for your business.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 product

A powerful tool

Take the rugged Galaxy Tab Active2 anywhere. The device’s military-grade construction ensures functionality in harsh conditions, protecting it from water, shock and dust. Customizable options and robust security features simplify management and use.

The Galaxy Tab Active2 features:

  • A water-resistant S Pen® stylus
  • Augmented Reality (AR)-ready sensors
  • High-resolution camera
  • Replaceable battery

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Samsung wifi tab a7 product

Choose a device that works for you.

Whether Wi-Fi or LTE-enabled, Samsung tablets empower you to work productively no matter where you are. You can present to customers at a remote job site over cell reception or spend the day working from home on your Wi-Fi network. With Samsung, you’ll be consistently connected.

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Samsung devices with Samsung Knox security platform

Security you can rely on

Each Samsung tablet comes with the Samsung Knox® security platform. It protects devices from malicious threats, such as intrusion and malware, while you’re working remotely.

Knox is integrated during the manufacturing process, making security an inherent part of each device. And, Knox simplifies mobile device management in the field.